Hi there

My name is Tim. I have been a software developer for the past 15 years.

This site is mostly notes to my future self with things I find useful and maybe you will find them useful too.

My projects and experiments

http://soliditykoans.com - This was my first Elm project, it compiles and run Solidity in the browser.

https://github.com/readevalprint/acme-dao - My attempt to build a Proof of Concept DAO for payments

https://github.com/readevalprint/blockbrain - Simple Percepton in (an old version of) Solidity

https://github.com/readevalprint/sift - Data warehouse project with JSON Schema and Pypy sandbox

https://github.com/readevalprint/mini-django - The smallest single file Django project!

https://github.com/mailpipe/mailpipe-project - REST API for dynamic email accounts, try it live: https://mailpipe.io

Some of my open source contributions

Django Rest Framework


  • Fixed rendering bug and made test case
  • Also was an individual sponsor for the project

Django Channels


  • Wrote tests for Django channels response objects

Some things I've done in roughly chronological order

  • tons of Flash intros when it was still Macromedia and intros were cool.
  • OCR data automation in Ruby
  • Perl web scraping of real estate websites
  • PHP development
  • Django with Tastipie
  • Django Cartridge with Stripe integration
  • Django Rest Framework and Channels for websockets
  • simple Neural Network in Solidity
  • Tensorflow and Keras for Crypto price predictions
  • Learned Kubernetes for deployment to AWS and Google Cloud
  • Learning Elm-lang to get back into front end development

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