02 July 2014

It's cool to make your own crypto

In that last post, I whipped up this sweet little ceasar cipher. If Caesar lived with PGP maybe things would be different. But no. He thought this was the best. (And it likely was if his opponents were illiterates) Uncrackable. Unbreakable. No one will know what this does. Like seriously. Ok I have a test for you… Can you figure out the ones on the bottom of the page.

# Using python2.7
def rotN(message, n):
    message = message.decode('utf8')
    result = ''
    # Yes this could be a list comprehension. 
    # But now your eyes are not bleeding.
    # You are welcome.
    for c in message:
        result += (unichr((ord((c)) + n))).encode('utf8') 
    return result 

Here is a secret message for you!

>>> print rotN('8kj\x16i[h_ekibo\x16\\ebai"\x16_id\x1dj\x16j^_i\x16`kij\x16]h[Wj5', 10)
But seriously folks, isn't this just great?

Here are a few more lines for you enjoyment. But… to make this interesting.

I won’t tell you the offset.


The saga continues….


Our hero continues….

'5h\x14h]aYg \x14`]ZY\x14WUb\x14VY\x14U\x14`]hh`Y\x14acfY\x14UVfidh\x14h\\Ub\x14=\x14]aU[]bYX"'

The boss level!!