29 June 2014

Programming is pure creation.

Programming makes me feel as though I have a super power. A strangely autistic, buggy, poorly optimized super power. The ability to create minions of dubious intelligence to do my bidding with a few keystrokes or an imported library. The ability to break down any process and automate it so thoroughly I can replace people with a “shell script.” Sadly, I’ve even programmed myself out of a job on occasion. Hero? Villain? Surely we have progressed beyond the need for simple labels.

But where will this all go? Why debug another method or class? Of what benefit is there in yet another templating implementation?

I don’t feel special. But an outrageous salary and pings from recruiters seem to indicate that this is a rare talent indeed. To be able speak to the worlds most stubborn pendant, the computer. So I’ll kindly take your cash, smile at your optimism, and type a few more lines, model your data, and if you ask nicely, I can even automate your pain away. There is no more pain.

I feel a bit metaphysical so I’ll go ahead and say it: Our lives are for-loops, decrementing from moment to moment for a lifetime. Waiting for that grand end conditional, or heaven forbid, some trial in life may throw us an uncaught exception. And hopefully we have recursed into children before that. And then they too will loop. And then recurse. And so on. Until all our resources are reaped by the great GC in the sky. But we will do our best.

[Thanks to Alexandra and Dan for their feedback.]